How I fell in love with yoga


I remember my first date with yoga. It was April 2010.

I signed up for a four-week Intro to Yoga course at Yoga Space in Toronto.  I arrived at the first session,  nervous and unsure what to expect. Kathryn Beet was my teacher and within five minutes I knew I was in the best of hands. First, the class started in Corpse Pose or Savasana. Exercise that started laying down was perfect for me!  The rest of the class we stretched, breathed and worked to our edge. Yoga is about listening to your body. Go to your edge and breathe. If your body lets you go further, then ease into it. If not, stay where you are.

How did the class end? In Savasana, all cozy with blankets!

Four years later, yoga has become a main focus in my life. I practice regularly.  It’s made me stronger, improved my posture and brought me joy. It’s also helped me dream big and ask the question, what if I took yoga teacher training? This  200-hour course is recognized worldwide. My dream is now a reality. For the next 15 weekends, Saturday and Sunday, I’ll be with 25 other teachers in training.

This blog is about my adventure.  It’s called Against All Odds because I’m 58, have osteoarthritis in both knees and wonky shoulders. But I believe yoga will help heal my body and want others, regardless of limitations, to consider yoga.

I love school so am  giddy at the idea of being a student again. At the same time, I’m nervous too. What can I expect?    I’m inpsired by the wisdom of author Esmeralda Santiago:

How can you know what you’re capable of if you don’t embrace the unknown?

What’s on your dream list of adventures you’d like to try?


About Kalene

yoga practitioner and teacher; crossword puzzle fan; mom, sister, aunt, friend, professor and believer in karma
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4 Responses to How I fell in love with yoga

  1. Can’t wait to follow along Kalene! xx


  2. Katie says:

    Lovely and inspiring post!


  3. Good for you, Kalene. This is inspiring. I too like yoga, & would like to do more. My last session was on holiday in Cuba in Dec., on a platform over the ocean with pelicans floating around. Re-lax-ing. I love how non-competitive it is, how you’re supposed to do no more than you can. Learning to care for our bodies is not enough of a priority in our society.


  4. Kalene says:

    Thanks Gloria for your comments. Yoga is all about you … I spend most of my time in class with my eyes closed so I can focus on breath.


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