I’m one weekend closer to being a yoga teacher

yoga poses 6I’m glad to be a student again with my new binder, books and lunch bag.  It’s fun to let someone else drive the bus as I ride along. That’s not to say I was an idle passenger.

The first weekend of Yoga Teacher Training  at Yoga Space was a blend of active poses, learning about muscles, working with partners, copying diagrams from a white board, answering questions and listening to the wisdom of 26 keen students and three experienced teachers. It was fun, tiring and mentally challenging.

Fun because we immediately started working in partners (I love social learning) and this  helped all of us refine our poses. I can picture myself helping a yoga student when I’m a teacher.

Tiring because of engaging new muscles and holding poses. While Downward-facing Dog pose is supposed to be a “resting pose”, I’ll need more practice to reach this.

And, mentally challenging because active listening (required to be a good student or good human being ) is exhausting. I’m glad I’ve decided to restrict my weekend evening activities with family and friends. My new best date for Saturday night will be a hot bath with Epsom salts!

Am I happy? Yes.

Am I the oldest in the class? You bet!

Does this matter? Not at all. Every student in the class brings gifts  and I’m looking forward to finding out what each of us will bring to this party. We’ve already set up a class Facebook group page, and talked about the celebration dinner!

I am grateful for this time and for everyone who has encouraged me.



About Kalene

yoga practitioner and teacher; crossword puzzle fan; mom, sister, aunt, friend, professor and believer in karma
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2 Responses to I’m one weekend closer to being a yoga teacher

  1. Sara T. says:

    You are amazing Kalene as you are following your passion when so many would simply say “coulda, woulda, shoulda”. Way to go!


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