Gold Medal Yoga Poses for Curlers

Jennifer Jones

Congratulations to Canadian curler  Jennifer Jones and her Olympic  gold-medal-winning team. Watching her crouched in the hack and throwing the rock, I was astounded at her flexibility, strength and mental focus.  As the stone glided down the ice, sweepers showed their stamina – pushing fast and hard with their brooms.

Maybe the team practices yoga?

Anyone who has tried curling knows it’s harder than it looks. Curling demands balance, flexibility, core strength and coordination.

Recreational curlers can improve flexibility, strengthen muscles and boost stamina by practicing these four poses.

Low Lunge, a standing pose, will help to open hip flexors.

Plank is excellent for building core strength. Curlers need this to stay steady on the ice.

Warrior II can be considered a triple bonus since it builds leg strength, opens the hips and engages the core.

Chaturanga, also known as Push Up Pose, is a challenging, but will build arm strength and stamina. Sweepers need both because their motions are short, sharp and intense.

As for mental focus, the kind  Jennifer Jones shows, yogis know that yoga teaches focus with every practice.

I live in the world’s best country and today it’s thrilling to have the world’s best curlers (Brad Jacobs too!). Oh yeah … and let’s not forget women’s hockey!

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