Rotary technique engages yoga students

primary desksRemember leaving primary school – graduating to middle school? Remember the first time you had a rotary timetable with different teachers for different subjects?

middle school lockers My yoga school is like that: four distinct subjects with four different teachers who rotate in and out of our weekend timetable.

Kathryn teaches Vinyasa; Patricia teaches Hatha; Hali teaches philosophy and Leslie teaches anatomy. I knew four subjects would be part of the 200 hours of  training, but now that I’ve experienced all four subjects, my studies grow more real.

Two chapters to read for yoga philosophy teamed up with an anatomy self-quiz, plus attending Vinyasa and Hatha classes and reporting on the pose sequence and writing a self-reflection.

Oh yes, and lifting weights. Kathryn commented most women would  benefit from regular workouts with three and five-pound weights.  And since Chaturanga and Dolphin Pose are my works in progress, gaining upper-body strength can only help my practice.

I took this training to teach my mind and body new things. My plan is working. Slowly, I’m starting to see where the four subjects overlap. Plus, I’m enjoying myself. Really, it doesn’t get any better!

What is it you would like to learn?

Have you dreamed about learning something but not sure how to start? From experience, I know it starts from planting the seed of an idea, exploring “what if” and having faith.


About Kalene

yoga practitioner and teacher; crossword puzzle fan; mom, sister, aunt, friend, professor and believer in karma
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One Response to Rotary technique engages yoga students

  1. mjschoolgirl says:

    2 old broads back in school! LOVE IT! and you have inspired me to look for yoga in my neighbourhood.


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