Fairy tales can come true – it can happen to you …

credit: Frank Vassen

credit: Frank Vassen

Once upon a time, a 58-year-old college professor decided she wanted to learn to teach yoga. Determination was her superpower. Her kryptonite? Being physically inactive throughout her life. Heck, she didn’t even like physical activity or the gym! Was it too late to try to be a yoga teacher?

Everyone  said, “Go for it!”. With a touch of trepidation, she embarked on her yoga teacher journey. She enjoyed her younger, stronger and enthusiastic classmates. She loved her weekend training sessions and all of her yoga classes.  Week by week  she practiced and grew stronger.

credit: LocalFitness.com.au

Saturday, May 3 was her ultimate test: survive a marathon session of teaching classmates a Vinyasa sequence, and then be their student. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Three hours of sun salutations later, the test ended. The college professor lived to practice another day.

What saved her?

Being open to everything thrown at her, determination and thinking “I can do this.”

Never let age or your personal kryptonite stop you from going for your heart’s desire. Remember the song lyrics, “Fairy tales can come true – it can happen to you, if you’re young at heart.”




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yoga practitioner and teacher; crossword puzzle fan; mom, sister, aunt, friend, professor and believer in karma
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